History of the Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care

In 1969, at the Department of Faculty Surgery course of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care was founded (Associate Professor Shomirzaeva U.G., ass. Avakov V.E.). Classes are held for students of 5-6 courses of medical, pediatric, dental faculties. In 1974, by order number 969 from 06.12.1973 of the Ministry of Health of the USSR in medical schools stood out rates for anesthesiologists and emergency.

Head of Department – Senior Researcher – Avakov V.E.

Avakov V.E.

Avakov V.E.

Employees: Assoc. Shomirzaeva U.G., 4 assistants – PhD Usmanov A.M., Islamova S.N., Ohio V.Ch., Syvorotkin M.V.

In the first year of study at the department started 5 clinical residents.

Training base of the department is a Clinical hospital № 2 of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Here conducted classes for subordinators medical faculty and 5th year students of the Faculty of Dentistry, as well as in the Republic Clinic Hospital №1 for 3rd year students of all faculties and 4-year hygiene faculty. General Fund was 24 rates.

In 1978-1979, in due to addition of extra hours in the staff of the department to allocate space for a senior lecturer (Usmanov A.M.) and 3 assistants (Akhmedov Sh – t.f.n., Sattorov SS – t .f.n, Choi AM). Each year, the department trained 2- 3 clinical residents.

Since 1979, the department began to train specialists for other countries (clinical intern Malik Abdul Qayyum – Pakistan, a graduate student Winston Rovelli Rossore – Ecuador, Afoloyyan M.R.- Nigeria, Anil Kumar Arora – India).

In 1981-1982 preparing of Soviet and foreign doctors was began graduate in the department of training for doctors by specialty interns anesthesiology and critical care medicine based on its clinics and other medical databases hospital in the city of Tashkent and regions.

Starting with the 1983-1984 academic year due to the increased number of students academic group of the department is divided into three databases:

Tashkent State Medical Institute, Clinical Hospital №2 of Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Republic Clinic Hospital №1. Overall places for intensive therapists  were 56.

In 1984, the Department takes 3-5 medical residents, graduate students 1-2. Since 1990, the number of medical residents reached 7-12, graduate students3-4.

In 1990, in connection with the division of Tashkent State Medical Institute to №1 and №2 members of the department of anesthesiology and resuscitation distributed across institutions.

Head of the department in the second Tashkent State Medical Institute was Avakov V.E.

In 1974-2010 years, the department had reserved 40 master’s theses 4 of which were made by foreign nationals (Pakistan, Nigeria, India, Ecuador).

Specialists of the department published 16 monographs, medical certificates, Selected lectures, 65 scientific and practical benefits, 8 discoveries, more than 500 scientific articles in Uzbek and foreign languages.

The department has diplomas and medals of the Uzbek SSR and USSR National Economy.

Head of the Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care 1 Tashkent State Medical Institute appointed Usmanov A.M. and in 1999-2005 the department was headed by Professor Atakhanov Sh.E.


Atakhanov Shukhrat Ergashevich was born in 1957 in Tashkent. In 1980, he graduated from the Medical Faculty of the Tashkent State Medical Institute. After finishing clinical residency in anesthesiology and intensive care, and in 1982 enrolled in graduate school in the target Central Institute of Advanced Medical Studies (Moscow). In 1985 he defended his thesis, and in 1995 doctoral dissertation. Served as vice-rector for scientific work of the Tashkent Institute of Advanced Medical (1997-1999), Vice President for Academic Affairs, First Tashkent Medical Institute (1999-2005), Has the academic title of “professor”. Since 2005 he is the Chief of the Science and Educational Institutions of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan. He is married and has three children.

Due to the decrease in the number of students and interns subordinators number of employees of the department dropped 5 times.

In 2005, given the combination of two medical schools in the TMA and the addition of sites for the Department of State of the Judiciary increased by 15.5 units.

In 2009, in connection with the transition Professor V.E. Avakov for the post of professor, head of the department appointed MD Akmalov Abror Saidahmatovich.


Akmalov Abror Saidahmatovich – was born in 1963, Doctor of Medical Sciences. In 2009-2011 he worked as head of the Department of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine. Carries out fundamental work on adjusting the protective and therapeutic work with traumatic brain injuries. In 1994 he was awarded the Presidential Scholarship in the direction of ecology and medicine. Author 91 scientific articles, 3 manuals, 1 monograph and supervisor of a PhD thesis.


From 2011 until present time Head of the department is Ibragimov Nematjon Komilzhonovich.

2He was born in 1964. Ethnic Uzbek. In 1992 he graduated from the medical faculty of Tashkent State Medical Institute 2. Until 2011, he worked in various positions. Since 2011 Head of the Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care TMA.

Staff of the department to date: Professor of the Department Avakov V.E., Head of Department, Associate Professor Ibragimov N.K., MD Associate Professors: Gaziev Z.T., senior lecturers: Bektemirova N.T., Yusupova B.Yu., Yusupova N.Sh, Sharipov R.O., assistants: Bazarov A.N., Isomov T.M., Murotov TM.N., Nishonov M.R., Rasulov A.D., Atajanov S.Z.

Employees of the department are actively involved in training, teaching, scientific, spiritual and educational, clinical work TMA, as well as in national and international scientific conferences and seminars.